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00150 Income Tax Update Providing a detailed summary of tax law changes in the past year, this full-day seminar examines current changes and relevant issues in taxation that affect individuals and most businesses in the private sector. Learn how the current levels of personal and corporate tax rates affect and possibly change accepted tax planning techniques. A review of the current integration of personal and corporate tax rates is provided. The proposals from the Federal Budget, as well as other sources of information from the Department of Finance and the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), including news releases, draft legislation, CRA technical interpretations and tax cases, are discussed together with other particular subjects of current relevance and interest. Course coverage will be largely restricted to changes in the last year. Notes Those looking for an update of more than one year may consider taking the seminar Catching Up: 5 Years of Income Tax Developments Drew McDonald Full-Day CAL February 05, 2018 08:30-16:00 Register Now
Hugh C Neilson, FCPA, FCA, TEP EDM February 12, 2018 08:30-16:00 Register Now
Drew McDonald LETH February 13, 2018 08:30-16:00 Register Now
Drew McDonald MED HAT February 14, 2018 08:30-16:00 Register Now
Drew McDonald CAL February 07, 2018 08:30-16:00 Register Now