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01565 Advanced Excel Functions & Formulas These webinars are delivered by K2E which is an American based company. Please note some US based content and examples will be used during this webinar. Excel has more than 300 functions, many of which are unused by most accounting and finance professionals. Some of these little used functions can be used to calculate depreciation, mortgage interest and principal reduction, cash flow analysis over unequal periods, and trap errors. It’s time for you to break out of your Excel cocoon. This two-hour session will put you on the path to improved Excel productivity by introducing you to powerful and time saving but little used Excel functions. Among other topics, you will learn about logical and conditional formulas, including using Boolean operators; advanced financial formulas such as XNPV and XIRR; innovative uses for Excel’s date functions, and SUMPRODUCT, GETPIVOTDATA, and INDIRECT. Notes: This session is available only online. The participant must be logged in during the live webinar and participate when prompted. Failure to participate and respond to the prompts will result in no credit earned for the seminar as attendance will be monitored and recorded. Recordings of a live webinar will not be available after it has concluded. Mac Mcclelland Live Webinar Online January 24, 2018 08:00-10:00 Register Now