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01673 NEW Unleash Your Creative Intelligence: A Fresh Approach to Leadership We Need “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Albert Einstein How is your work these days? Are you as excited as you want to be? Does it feel like a grind? Are you stuck in a bit of a rut? Orbiting the giant hairball? Looking for some inspiration? Want more zest? Creative Intelligence can bring more energy, insight and fulfillment to both work and life. Accounting may not be art, but that doesn’t mean your leadership needs to be boring.  Your best work is ahead. You may be in the perfect place for inviting a fresh approach to your leadership by choosing to be an example of more. When you have mastered the better-known competency of rational skills like planning, analyzing and decision making, you might start noticing a desire for the second set of creative leadership skills. This session will define Creative Intelligence, what it means to you and how it can serve you.  The three core dimensions of Creative Intelligence are Curiosity, Connection and Courage. Be prepared to have fun, build new insights, strengthen your creative intelligence and take away some new tools you can use right away!  
Tammy Robertson Full-Day EDM March 29, 2018 08:30-16:00 Register Now