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01704 NEW Excel with Macros & VBA Level 3 Unlike Levels 1 and 2 training, this course takes a first step towards “Total VBA Coding” to create UDFs “from scratch”. Even so, based on Levels 1 and 2 training experience students have had, using the VB Editor, plus their familiarity with VBA coding basics, this transition to a 100% coding experience is a somewhat natural next step. In addition to the Learning Outcomes mentioned below, key aspects to this training include learning: The 4 Cell Reference methods used in creating Worksheet Formulas  and Functions, How to Show All Worksheet Formulas Over All Cells, Keyboard Shortcut that Cycles Through Cell Reference Options, When a Range Name Can Be Used in a Formula/Function, Steps to Creating a First UDF in a Workbook, The Critical Step Required within a UDF to Return a Value to a Cell, VBA Conditional Logic Alternatives and What’s Best for a UDF, How to Use Compound Conditional Operators AND/OR/NOT, The 3 Major Benefits Experienced through Use of UDFs, How to Create User Help for a UDF, How to Use Public and Private UDFs, How to Make Use of a Fiscal Year/Quarter UDF, Make the VLOOKUP Unbreakable, and How to Know if a Worksheet Function is also Useable within VBA. NOTE: Each course includes an Online Student Workbook (eBook), along with the Excel Files used during video training exercises. Training Videos include an On Screen Instructor which gives the feel of a live training session. And, a Responsive Help Ticketing System is used for online support, with Screen Sharing available, if needed. Prerequisites: Prior to this course, “Excel with Macros &; VBA – Levels 1 and 2” training is required. Level 3 training builds upon concepts and skills covered in these first two courses Dennis Plum Recorded Webinar Online March 13, 2018 - April 09, 2018 Register Now